evanity – Tuch-Unikate Made in Munich

Always well dressed with scarves…
Scarf-accessories, making women happily and more nicely.
They are timeless, valued and therefor always portable.
They inspire passion, bring pleasure and malice to individual favorites.
They accompany his owner in unique, delightful kind and emphasize your character.
They are authentic.
Because I love scarves…
With my creations I like to impart my joy of life. They show my passion for materials, color and quality.


In my studio in Munich originate high- quality and extravagant foulards and scarves since 2010. Unique cervical flatterers awake, individually combined in material and pattern.They processed to unique specimens and small series. The used materials are from pure natural fibres. Because a fair product begins with a natural raw material.This is selected carefully and according to my high claims. Besides, it is paid attention to the fact that production is ecologically defensible. It are used therefore excluding materials of excellent quality.
With pleasure I make by your wishes on order.


My topical project:

Motives of Munich artist Gisela Göldner.
They are professional printed on silk, silk- cotton-mix and viscose- jersey materials. There originate from it unique scarves, pareos and shirts, in limited series.
Some patience, then these are also to be acquired on-line.